There are countless reasons why many Canadians are buying homes in Ajax, Ontario. On top of affordable homeownership, the town boasts stunning views of Lake Ontario, commuter-friendly roads, among many other amenities and services within the town. Ajax’s also known to be quieter than its neighbouring cities around Toronto. It features a variety of housing styles that can fit anyone’s lifestyle.  

For first time homebuyers or those looking for a place to spend their golden years, Ajax’s surely a great city to live.

Top 10 Neighbourhoods in Ajax

If you want to enjoy the many benefits of living in Ajax, keep a close eye on these top 10 neighbourhoods.

1. South Ajax

Just a walking distance away from Lake Ontario, this is among the best places to live for young families moving into the GTA. Townhouses are the most common, although there are many housing options to choose from. There are many schools in South Ajax and its education system is recognized as top of the line in Canada. With reliable bus service and easy access to the Go Transit Station, travelling around town, as well as to downtown Toronto and more couldn’t be easier. 

2. Pickering Beach

Looking for a classy neighbourhood? Head towards east of Lake Ontario and you’ll find the famous Pickering Beach which’s home to the who’s who of the neighbourhood. Although unincorporated, you’ll find in Pickering Beach a mix of elegant cottages and modern houses that are fruits of exemplary architecture. Be sure to have your budget adjusted accordingly if you’re planning to buy a home in this neighbourhood. 

3. Ajax Waterfront

Located in the middle of Lake Ontario, Finley Avenue, Church Street and Pickering Beach, Ajax Waterfront’s without a doubt an exciting place to live. The housing types here range from villas to luxury homes. For those who enjoy outdoor activities, you’ll relish living in Ajax Waterfront as it also features green open spaces and creeks. It has a 6 kilometer parkland with scenic views where residents can enjoy walks, cycling, jogging and even line skating.

4. Central Ajax

Central Ajax’s an ideal place to live for people who prefer affordability. Compared to modern homes, houses in this neighbourhood are smaller, making them more affordable than other neighbourhoods in the GTA, perfect for first-time home buyers. Many young families are moving here because of its peaceful yet great sense of community. There are also exciting community events to look forward to and interesting social amenities that bring life to the entire neighbourhood.

5. Discovery Bay

Situated southwest of Ajax, Discovery Bay offers a serene neighbourhood which’s surrounded by nature with Lake Ontario to the South and Duffins Creek greenbelt and marshlands to the west. Cost of living in Discovery Bay is 1% lower than the average living cost in Ajax. With a community surrounded by nature and affordable cost of living, many retirees often consider this neighbourhood for their golden years. 

6. Duffins Bay

A charming and family-oriented neighbourhood, Duffins Bay is bordered by Westney Road S to the north and Harwood Avenue S to the East. Types of homes in Duffins Bay are mainly detached single family with a few townhouses and townhome-style condominiums. Waterfront Park and Veterans Point Garden are among the main attractions within this neighbourhood. You’ll also find here the St. Francis Center which regularly hosts art and cultural events such as live theater, film screenings, music and art festivals. Here, you can also find some of the finest restaurants in Ajax

7. Riverside

Undeniably one of the most prosperous areas in Ajax and possibly even in Durham Region, many homebuyers seek out Riverside because of its well-established homes and top-of-the-line schools. Homes within this neighbourhood are mainly large and single-family dwellings. There’s a vast area of golf courses that provides passionate golfers many opportunities for a tee-off. 

8. Westney Heights

Located in the north central park of Ajax, Westney Heights’ a historic neighbourhood in Pickering Village and is endowed with relaxing green spaces. Built in the early 1980s, its home types are a combination of mostly brick and detached houses with built-in garages. The McLean Community Centre found in Westney Heights offers many arts-based programs and showcases local artists.

9. Southwood

Once prime farmland, Southwood’s a small neighbourhood located in central Ajax. There are many amenities to enjoy in Southwood, including the Southwood Park that forms a green corridor with lovely streetscapes. Most of the homes are post-modern styles with attached beautiful lawns, with some being a combination of split-level homes, raised bungalows and ranch-type bungalows.

10. Clover Ridge

With a 3% lower cost of living than the average neighbourhood in Ajax, Clover Ridge’s a popular choice for first time homebuyers who want to settle within the Ajax waterfront and downtown core. Compared to the sprawling raised-bungalows and split-level houses in its east section, the west section has a variety of housing options for starters.

In Summary

Indeed, there’s no other place in the GTA with a family-friendly community like Ajax. Settling in Ajax will provide an excellent experience for starters, growing families or for those living their golden years to the fullest.

However, living in Ajax comes with lots of preparation, especially with regards to your finances. To liberate yourself from the stress of the home buying process, work with a trusted mortgage broker to guide you along the way.

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