“Location, location, location.” This is the mantra of real estate. Although, not everyone fully understands what this means or how important this is.

When the heat from the housing market calms down, when the party’s over and the dust finally settles, homebuyers will see what they really paid for. Buyers who inspected their neighbourhoods before buying their first home will not just get the home they wanted, but more importantly, the lifestyle they’ve been aiming to build.

Durham Region is a gem for families who want suburban lives and prefer to live comfortably, while facing the impacts of the pandemic in the “new normal.” Find out which neighbourhood in Durham works for you and your family!

Great livability in Durham Region

A home buyer’s top concern is affordability without sacrificing livability. There are certain factors that determine an area’s livability. These include affordability, access, mobility, local amenities, schools, jobs, health facilities and cultural diversity, among others. Good thing is that you can expect these in the Greater Toronto Area, particularly in the Durham Region. One key fact about Durham is that it was named as one of the most livable areas in Canada this past year.

Real estate listings in Durham Region attract a number of newly-weds, first-time buyers and young families – the reason being its wide-range of homes with modest prices. Home prices are usually priced at $620,000 for single-family homes. This is quite far from the average home price in GTA of around $850,000.

Best neighbourhoods to live in Durham Region

1. Mint-Fresh Communities: Taunton North, Whitby

Witness a community transition from rural countryside to urban neighbourhood in Taunton, North Whitby. If you’re looking for new buildings and fresh communities, this is definitely the place for you. You’ll see new roads, new schools and structures, as well as new developments. Taunton also has pockets of new homes – from large executive homes, modest detached family homes and starter townhomes. If you’re looking to buy a home in Taunton North, home prices usually range from $600,000 to $900,000. 

2. Spacious for Less: Courtice, Clarington

If you’re looking for great value lots for lesser bucks, buy a home in Courtice. The Courtice Community offers spacious homes perfect for big families – in particular, adults wanting space as they work from home. Four-bedroom detached houses with two-car garages are pretty common, with prices going between $500,000 to $600,000.

The catch? The place isn’t as commuter-friendly, since residents use their personal vehicles to travel.

3. Humble and Green: Lakeview, Oshawa

At the south end of the City of Oshawa, by Lake Ontario, you’ll find the peaceful community of Lakeview. This is one of Oshawa’s oldest neighbourhoods, with affordable homes perfect for first-time buyers. Residents enjoy close proximity to the beach and a wide array of recreational activities.

Aside from attractive sights, Lakeview offers prices that attract first-time home buyers, newly-weds and young families, with prices starting at $400,000 for a detached home. With this price point, preparing for your down payment can be less daunting!

4. New and Affordable: Southeast and Southwest Ajax

The Southeast and Southwest areas of Ajax are buzzing with new developments of residential neighbourhoods and blooming with affordable homes. You’ll notice a wide range of properties – from townhomes costing around $550,000 and two-storey units with prices starting at $675,000. If you’re looking for detached homes, head over to Southwest Ajax. Selling prices of these homes typically range between $575,000 to over $1.1 million.

Your future is bright since new developments sprout across the Southeast and Southwest Ajax.

5. Great Amenities: Riverside Hermitage, Ajax

Riverside Hermitage isn’t just known for its tree-lined streets and quaint plaza, but more importantly, its location and great amenities. This is what makes this neighbourhood very family-oriented.

Houses here are ideal for large families, with Colonial-style detached homes that have built-in garages. Home prices in the area range from $900,000 to $1,000,000.

This neighbourhood has four elementary schools and is home to Pickering High School. It also has a plaza where you’ll find cafes, variety stores, spas and clinics. With excellent public transportation, commuting won’t ever be a problem.

Live your dream in Durham

It’s time to embrace the “new normal,” whether this means looking out for your family’s health, expanding spaces to work from home or relocating to suburban neighbourhoods. 

Overall, the Durham Region offers many family-oriented neighbourhoods to choose from, with each having its own price point, personality, perks and caveats. Even better, Durham’s still growing, making improvements to transportation and improving livability.

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