The pandemic pushed people to stay in their homes and eventually look for opportunities from home. Last year people started relocating, switched to remote work, searched for online jobs at home and opened home-based businesses

If you’re looking to buy a home and are considering applying for a remote job or starting your own home-based business, getting a spacious home in the Durham Region may be just for you. You can find a wide-range of homes available in Durham that’ll fit your work-from-home needs.

6 Businesses You Can Do from Home

Here’s a list of potential businesses and work-from-home opportunities you can engage in.

     1. Start a blog or freelance writing

Do you have a knack for writing? Focus on something you’re passionate about that’ll catch the interest of your audience. You may also opt to turn this into a business by including advertisements or promoting products or services.

If you prefer writing for other people or businesses, you could do that too! Businesses and companies are shifting to online platforms and there’s a high demand for quality content. Many industries hire freelance writers to create content on their respective topics.

     2. Sell products online

There’s a lot of online platforms that can help to make online selling much easier! You can start your own website or make use of various social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. 

Before anything else, the crucial part is finding what product to sell. You’ll have to consider your capital, potential customers and storage as well.  

     3. Photography

With accessible technology nowadays, you can easily set up a studio in your home by simply converting a spare room. It’s fairly easy to contact businesses who can offer their products in exchange for your photography service. 

     4. Online tutoring

Tutoring kids online is something to earn from. Here, online conferencing platforms play a big role to facilitate tutoring sessions. Take note, however, that you’ll have to find ways to lessen distractions in yours and their surroundings to help your tutees maintain focus. 

     5. Be a consultant

Do you consider yourself an expert in a certain field? If so, you can start coaching or mentoring others. All you need is your network and personal branding. Running this is simple because you’ll just have to set up a nook in your home for your virtual meetings.  

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     6. Rent out a space or room from your home

The pandemic has pushed people to relocate and look for spaces that are more ideal for remote work. This may be a good time to rent out a spare room in your home. You can also opt to set up an account on Airbnb. Just make sure that you screen your tenants and clients for health protocols and you’re definitely good to go.

Imagine earning hundreds of extra dollars a month, by simply renting unused space in your home. That’s additional income for you.

3 basic must-haves

Home-based businesses and freelance jobs aren’t for everyone. You need to reflect on these things before you decide:

     1. The right equipment

Just like any traditional business, you must have the resources, most especially now that we heavily rely on technology to get things done. The right equipment includes a laptop, camera, microphone and other tools. Treat these as relevant investments.

     2. Dedicated time

Putting a home business and accepting home jobs simply mean that you’ll have to devote more time to work. This’ll require devotion and commitment on your part. 

     3. Ample space to work

Make sure to dedicate a space for your remote work or home-based business transactions. This can help place a clear boundary between your professional and personal life.

Best homes to work from are in Durham Region

The most ideal homes for remote work or to run home-based businesses can be found in the Durham Region. Here, you’ll find refreshing neighbourhoods with spacious homes that can be maximized for business and work setups. 

If you’re a first-time home buyer or if you’re considering upgrading, consider a potential home not just for living, but also to maximize your potential earnings. Don’t be afraid to get a spacious home with rooms that’ll accommodate your work-from-home setup

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