Daisy Raouph, a woman with many roles

Everyone has a financial story. Whether or not these were good has a lot to do with a person’s circumstances and, more importantly, their decisions in life. These financial stories are not without setbacks, milestones nor lessons. The path to financial wellness, for the most of us, is a journey of struggle. The story of Daisy Raouph, the woman behind the financial solutions, isn’t an exception.

Daisy has already built her name in Toronto as a trusted mortgage broker and financial security advisor. But beyond that, she delightfully describes herself as a mother of two, a daughter, a housewife, a caregiver and a coach.

Meet the woman behind the brand and learn how Daisy has journeyed to financial freedom. Read Daisy’s story and pick up lessons along the way!

Growing her roots, building a community

Vision for the future

Here and now, Daisy Raouph considers her business as her legacy. Looking further into the future, she reveals her advocacy of building a community. Her business isn’t just about houses and mortgages. It’s more about helping people and changing their lives, in order to build a community together. She envisions a community where people have their own homes or places they can call their homes.

The process may be difficult and it may even be painstaking for some, but rest assured, the road towards achieving your financial goals will be worth the wait. As Daisy says, “If you’re not changing, then you’re not growing”.

Starting out with her career

Throughout her journey to financial wellness and stability, Daisy had very humble roots. She modestly started her life in Guyana and then began her financial career in Canada.

Her life in Guyana could be described in one word: Simple. She enjoyed fresh food, where almost everything that could be eaten is freshly grown or caught.

When she moved to Canada, that’s when she started working towards financial stability and empowerment. Her financial career took off when she started working with one of the largest insurance companies in Toronto, earning her background and expertise.

Success is not without struggle

Being a successful woman in a competitive industry of mortgage experts was not without struggle. One of the obstacles she faced along the way was gaining control over her health. In fact, Daisy underwent several surgeries and many different prescriptions, sadly, to no avail, until she reached the point of taking a hiatus from work. 

Daisy’s time-off from her career was a major setback not just in terms of financial goals, but for family life as well. She experienced bankruptcy as she struggled with medical treatments. During the failed surgeries and medicine attempts, she ended up with nothing but her faith and support of friends and family.

Unity and support is what brought Daisy back to the game – but this time, with a stronger drive and to bounce back and a resolution to be more empowered.

While facing her health problems, she still managed to pursue both her career and financial goals. She explored career options where she could possibly work behind the scenes. At this point, she was sick, broke and had no one to count on financially, so she mustered her strength, perseverance and self-studied to become a mortgage broker. She also rehauled her lifestyle so she could eventually rebuild her health and retain a positive mindset.

Amidst managing her own household and improving her health, she experienced a very hectic situation. While facing her health problems, she still managed to pursue both her career and financial goals

Striving against debt

Although Daisy is now a financial security advisor and mortgage broker, she was one of the millions of Canadians who were struggling with debt and financial distress. She was able to pull herself out of this situation with support, perseverance, grit and sheer willpower.

From her own experience, Daisy knows how heavy the burden is when you struggle with debt. Amidst all the challenges she was facing, her desire to help others who are also struggling with debt was alive. She knows that she’s not the only one who’s ever struggled with money. People are getting sick, being laid off, drowning in debt and starting to give up on their dreams of owning a home. Yet, Daisy still wants to help them.

However, in order to help others, she had to help herself first – and that’s what she did! She learned about mortgages, about how Canadians apply and struggle with mortgages and how banks deal with them. She later earned her license and practiced as a mortgage broker.

“There’s always a solution”

We can always formulate a plan

Daisy’s definitely someone who you can consider as an empowered and self-made woman. Her own journey and experiences prove that everything has a solution. Her decades of experience in starting a new life in Canada, dealing with sickness, starting a career and business have shown that the right choices may not necessarily be the easiest decisions to make.

As a woman who had her share of struggles in life, she knows and can relate to your financial challenges. Daisy’s story proves that it takes a mother to make or break a home. With all the support that you can get from your loved ones and by believing in yourself, anyone who’s struggling today can be victorious and can definitely achieve their financial goals.

Take the first step by consulting, so we could plan your financial solutions

Based on experience, it’s important to be knowledgeable of the situation first, in order to plan out the journey towards achieving financial goals and solutions. This is what Daisy applies to her own clients. She delves into the details of their financial situation, in order to have a more holistic knowledge regarding their finances. This will help with formulating a personalized plan.

Daisy listens to her clients and hears their stories, in order to find out how she can help them. For her, earning the trust of her clients, going the extra mile to build relationships and working  with them in tandem to reach their goals – whether it’s to buy a home for the first time, getting out of debt or refinancing a mortgage is top priority.

The solution is that we just have to plan and work for it. The first step towards your financial solutions and dream home is consulting with Daisy Raouph.

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