Navigating through the home buying process can be a serious, challenging and expensive task. This is especially true as the pandemic affected Canadians in many ways. Amongst these setbacks, a silver lining arose: Canadians became smarter and more efficient in managing their money. 

A part of becoming more efficient in managing money is looking for opportunities to save and when you’re applying for a mortgage or a home loan is no exception. First-time home buyers may go to their financial institution for help or they can choose to work with a mortgage professional

What’s the difference? 

Both mortgage brokers and mortgage specialists provide similar services regarding mortgage financing. However, their procedures may differ in many ways. 

Mortgage brokers vs mortgage specialists: pros and cons

Anyone seeking a home loan should weigh the pros and cons of working with a mortgage broker or a mortgage specialist. In this article, we specify the advantages and disadvantages of working with either a broker or specialist. 

Mortgage specialists

Mortgage specialists work for a financial institution, such as a bank and they can only provide mortgage products offered through that institution. Having the mortgage approved is usually based on the financial institution’s evaluation of the client’s financial situation. 


  • Applications are completed at the financial institution, potentially saving time and money; 
  • You don’t need to pay a mortgage agent or broker.


  • Finding a loan may take longer as borrowing options are limited;
  • Borrowers would require multiple loan applications at various institutions along with divulging personal information to multiple mortgage specialists; 
  • Mortgage specialists don’t require a mortgage license.

Mortgage Brokers

A mortgage broker acts as the go-to person between borrowers and lenders when applying for a home loan. They assess your financial situation, compare products from different lenders on your behalf and manage the application process all the way to the end and beyond.


  • Works with multiple lenders so you have multiple loan options and can save you an enormous amount of time from “shopping around”; 
  • Also works with private lenders that don’t directly transact with borrowers, so they’ll act on your behalf;
  • Are licensed professionals;
  • Uses one application, along with one credit check to submit to multiple lenders;
  • Helps negotiate for better mortgage rates and fees
  • Works with everyone involved in the home buying process, including: real estate professionals, lawyers, appraisers, underwriters and more;
  • Can also help borrowers with poor credit or no credit. 


  • May charge a commission fee based on your personal financial situation;
  • Can be biased based on current relationships with lenders;
  • Some financial institutions won’t work with mortgage brokers.

The Bottom Line

Mortgage brokers have the ability to offer mortgage products from a network of lenders and provide access to a greater range of products than mortgage specialists, who are limited to their own financial institution’s offerings. 

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