With the threat of the COVID-19 still looming at large; many of us still find ourselves spending more time in our homes. While this prolonged pandemic has surely altered and changed a lot of our plans, we can still try to turn things in our favour by taking advantage of some quality time in our homes. Fortunately, there’s tidying up method from Japanese designer, Marie Kondo that’ll transform your home into a conducive and productive place to live, work, relax and have fun.  

Already a universal decluttering technique, the KonMari Method encourages you to be minimalistic with organizing and storing your belongings based on category, instead of a room-by-room arrangement. The professional organizer Marie Kondo also suggests to get rid of (and thank) those things that no longer spark joy.

Many have already adopted this decluttering inspiration and their results are all over the internet. In this article, we’ll show you some of the most famous Kondo-inspired makeovers that’ll make you jump on the organizing and decluttering bandwagon.

10 Best Makeover Inspirations from Marie Kondo

Here are the 10 best Marie Kondo-inspired makeovers that can certainly help with sparking joy.

1. A KonMari folding method

Arguably the most revolutionary Kondo tidying tool’s her technique for folding clothes. Kondo gives each piece of clothing special care and appreciation. Rather than haphazardly laying things flat in a drawer, they should stand upright in your drawer or closet, leaving them less wrinkled when you’re ready to wear it. Kondo’s other objective is to grant clothes the respect they deserve by touching, appreciating and properly storing each piece.

2. A Physical major makeover

Transforming one’s home can have a variety of affects, ranging from personal relationships to how one values their material possessions. For instance, it has been observed that those who transform their spaces using the KonMari method, generally tend to be calmer in nature and more relaxed. 

3.  An Organized pantry

Many people spend a lot of their time in the kitchen. Aside from preparing meals, the kitchen’s where they accumulate a lot of extra chores. There are many ways to improve your pantry shelves and Kondo has proven that this small space can be efficient when utilized and organized in the right manner. Those who took inspiration from Kondo shared that items which were previously scattered across the shelves are now stored neatly away on spare shelves attached to the back of the pantry door.

4. Improvised and functional closets

Among the big parts of Kondo’s folding method is from the use of drawers, boxes and empty storage containers. Regardless of where you store them (under the bed or inside shelves), it’s the easiest way to keep your clothes neatly folded and organized. 

5. A sorted laundry cupboard

Kondo also introduces the komono category which covers the laundry and cleaning areas. Here she introduces her signature handy baskets and boxes that make for easy access to your cleaning materials and utility supplies.

6. Colour-coordination

Take your sorting method to a stylish level. Try colour-coordinating your belongings, down from your shoes to your clothing. Aside from aesthetic purposes, which is really pretty to look at, colour-coordinating your clothing’s also functional because it helps with easily finding what you need in your wardrobe.

7. A safe and organized kid’s room

Yes, your child’s playroom could be more safe and fun with Kondo’s technique. Kondo encourages to have your kids involved in the makeover chores so they’d have more appreciation of their playroom and fun stuff. You could still declutter your child’s playroom without completely getting rid of their unused toys. Boxing up those they infrequently use and placing them somewhere secure could still make them available in case your child asks for them again in the future.

8. Maximized kitchen cupboards

Kondo’s key to maximizing the cooking space and making it appear bigger is with the use of vertical space. Wire shelves and under shelf racks could serve as your kitchen cupboard instead of placing the latter on countertops. By maximizing vertical spaces in your kitchen and pantry cabinets, you’ll be able to see everything you need at first glance.

9. KonMari decluttered workspaces

A clean and organized workspace is essential to boost productivity and focus. If it’s chaotic, distractions may arise and the environment can be stressful, that can lead to demotivation and procrastination. Before you ponder on how you want your work area to look and feel, categorize your work items and visualize your workspace. Consider the nature of your job and take into account the tasks that you would be required of you.

10. Clear up your vehicle’s trunk

Free up some room in the trunk of your vehicle. But how do you organize this convenient storage compartment that can quickly turn into a clutter compartment? A great place to start is by installing some space-saving organizers and containers where you can store your items in their own place.

Having a Mindful Home

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