While the new variant of the corona virus still glooms over our health and safety, restrictions are renewed and re-tightened in different areas of the country. Many of us still find ourselves working-from-home and may continue to do so over the near and foreseeable future. We all know by now that converting our homes into offices isn’t always an easy task. When working remotely, a clean and organized workspace is essential to help boost your morale and focus, while if left in a mess can undermine your productivity.

The KonMari method, a universal decluttering technique, can be useful in keeping one’s work station neat, tidy and efficient. The goal’s simple: to be minimalistic in organizing your belongings based on category, contrary to the room-by-room approach. The professional organizer Marie Kondo’s method aims at getting rid of the things in your workspace that no longer spark joy.

5 Easy Steps to Organize Your Workspace

Optimize your workspace by following these 5 steps inspired by the KonMari method.

  1. Visualize your workspace

Before embarking on the actual makeover, take a moment to ponder how you want your workspace to look and to feel. Consider the nature of your job and tasks. Lighting can be adjusted to make your space cozy and warm or wall decorations can be added that could help with getting you in work mode. You could also introduce some indoor plants to purify the air and add to your workspace decor. Make note of your ideas that come to mind and create a vision board or a to do list for them.

     2. Categorize your belongings

Items should be separated by category. Start with work essentials such as office supplies and documents, before going with home decorations and sentimental items. The KonMari method also suggests sub-categorizing items in your home office desk; making a pile of active files, which are necessary for daily operations and making a pile of inactive documents, which are barely used and needed, for instance. Consider making digital copies to declutter them from your desk without having to worry of losing them in case you’ll need them for future reference.

     3. Check for joy

KonMari’s number one rule’s to keep the things that spark joy. But that doesn’t mean that you’d just dispose of items that are actually relevant to your work. The question of “does this thing spark joy?” is also a matter of determining whether the item’s integral or still useful in regards to your work. 

This is extremely useful when deciding if you really need to buy new home office furniture or if you’re already satisfied with what you already have. Does your home office desk spark you joy? Do you really need a swivel chair with a massager?  

    4. Clean your area

Treat your workspace to some detailed cleaning. Set aside at least 20 minutes everyday to clean your desk and home furnishings to get rid of the dust and debris.

Keep stress down and productivity up. Regularly cleaning, clearing clutter, organizing and disinfecting your desk will help you avoid sickness and rise above distractions.

    5. Find a home for everything

After cleaning your workspace, it’s time to organize. Identify where you want to put your things and how you’d like them stored. For instance, you could use a vertical file sorter depending on the quantity of your documents to easily access your files. A drawer organizer can also be useful to store office supplies. There are many different options when it comes to storage, from mason jars to plastic storage bins. When labelled, organized and used strategically in your workspace or even around the house, these storage items can improve your efficiency and productivity by helping you keep your workspace tidy and organized. 

A Workspace that Sparks Joy

The perfect home office isn’t automatically the one with the highest price tag or the most extravagant architecture; but the home that sparks joy in your life. This could be the home that adapts to your lifestyle, whether you’re working remotely or transitioning to new living conditions


If you’re a first-time home buyer who’s looking for the perfect home to fit your work-from-home setup, you’ll be sure to find one that’ll spark joy here in the Greater Toronto Area


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