Autumn’s not just the time when trees shed their leaves and change colours. It’s also the time to spruce up your home’s decor and brighten up your surroundings this season

We’ve rounded up some DIY hacks for the fall that’ll help you transform your home. Indeed, nothing feels better than having the freedom to decorate your home.

Best Autumn Decor Ideas

Take advantage of the pumpkins, colourful fall leaves, flowers and wreath designs for your home’s interior design.

     1. Go with a harvest theme

Gather up fallen branches and dried flowers to assemble a festive harvest decoration. Arrange small wildlife as fall decor in your home by using piles of woody debris from fallen twigs and dried leaves you’ve collected in your garden. 

     2. Pumpkins in unexpected places

This season’s definitely incomplete without pumpkin picking. Place these pumpkins on your front porch or stack them along the aisle leading towards your home. You may add extra flair by designing the pumpkins with colours that match your motif for a more festive effect.

     3. Have wreaths for different occasions

Who says wreath decorations are only for the holidays? Try creating a gorgeous wreath made out of fallen twigs, pine cones, leaves, flowers and even pumpkins! You can hang them on the front door for a welcoming ambiance or as wall decor.

     4. Show off your garden

Gardening in the fall is underrated. You’ll be surprised to know which plants can grow during this season that can complement your home decor. Fill your planters with spring-blooming bulbs, perennial plants, shrubs, pansies and violas. Maximize this season by preparing your bountiful garden before the hard frost hits the neighbourhood.

     5. Use cozy blankets in new ways

Don’t let the coming winter stop you from getting cozy. Spruce up your front porch and pile on some pillows, blankets and cushions. You can be as specific as you want in choosing colours and patterns of outdoor pillows to help you warm up your space. Now, bring out your favourite hot drinks and enjoy your cuddle weather.

     6. Fall flower centerpieces

You can never go wrong with floral decor that’s perfectly placed on any table in your home. It’s the easiest and most sophisticated way to incorporate home decor

     7. Create an outdoor living room

Alfresco dining that used to be done during the summer can actually be extended until autumn. If you prefer a hangout place that feels like your living room, set up an outdoor patio with comfortable furnishings and a view of your garden, perfect for entertaining family and friends.

Make It Your Own

Home decor is more than just aesthetics and style. Home decor is all about making your house a home. There’s nothing like having the opportunity to decorate your own place. Unlike when renting a home, buying one will give you the freedom to decorate and add your own style. 

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