City life offers many amazing and exciting experiences, in addition to its abundant conveniences and services. When looking for great cities, Canada always ranks among the top choices for relocating to. Before exploring city living, it’s important to take a glance at which city’s best suited for you. The most common case for moving – starting a new job, but many move for personal reasons as well.

Consider such factors as: What size city do you like? What about the climate? How’s the job market there? What’s the cost of living?

Even though city living has its inconveniences, it makes up for these inconveniences with all that it has to offer. Big cities are major cultural centers, with a diverse population that have vibrant art and music scenes, a wider selection of food, more places of interest to visit, such as museums, art galleries, sporting events and concerts. Here are the 8 best things about city living.

8 Advantages of City Living

1. Public transportation

Public transportation systems in major cities can be the best alternative to driving so you don’t have to deal with the stresses of busy traffic and congested parking predicaments. Among the many perks of living in Canadian cities are being able to enjoy its public transportation – trains, subways, buses, each with an abundance of taxis and ride sharing drivers. Public transportation in major cities is affordable and can liberate you from some of the hassles of commuting by car. Vehicle ownership isn’t a prerequisite for living in a Canadian city.

2. Access to amenities

Modern conveniences are among the perks of city living. With access to amenities across the city, you’re able to get access to everything you need within close proximity. Some of the major amenities, like shops, grocery stores and pharmacies are most convenient being located within walking distance from the city neighbourhoods.

3. Strong and diverse economies

With a variety of economic opportunities in big cities like Toronto, it’s easy to find jobs in almost every industry under the sun. Statistics show that people living in big cities find better employment opportunities than those in smaller towns. A city full of companies is a city thriving and full of career opportunities.

4. Incredibly multicultural

You’ll meet new people anywhere you move to, but the experience is very different in a city because major cities draw all kinds of people to them from all over the world. Not only that, there’s a higher density of people in the city, which means the more faces you’ll get to know. Multiculturalism’s an integral part of living in any major Canadian city. Experiencing and enjoying different forms of art, festivals, foods, and other varieties of entertainment. For instance, the GTA’s home to a wide variety of cultures from across the globe.

5. The arts and cultural scenes

For artists and art enthusiasts, the city of Toronto might be the place to consider. It’s an amazing city that’s endowed with numerous art galleries and cultural centers. The city of Toronto also owns and operates 10 history museums, which are full of artifacts and displays from different cultures to learn about.

6. Lots of entertainment and dining options

Unlike many suburbs wherein eating options are confined to a handful of chained restaurants and a few mom and pop shops, most big cities offer a wide variety of quality restaurants. Just within a few blocks, residents can have their pick of Mexican, Moroccan, American and Thai cuisines. Having endless dining options means you’ll never get bored of what you eat and being able to experiment and try something new.

Living in the city also means never falling short of things to do. You’ll find activities ranging from museums to amusement parks and everything in between. Since they’re home to many diverse entertainment options, you’ll find activities on any budget.

7. Impressive skyline

With city life, you may take your skyline for granted. But don’t let yourself forget how cool skyscrapers are, being that they’re amazing achievements of design and modern engineering… no wonder so many postcards showcase city skylines.

8. There’s a neighbourhood for everyone

Cities make a great place for everyone to build new relationships and meet like-minded people. There are neighbourhoods for different kinds of crowds too. Are you an immigrant looking for a culturally diverse neighbourhood? A millennial trying to build a business? Or a retiree who’s in love with nature? Meeting and talking to new people who have had different life experiences can be refreshing and offer you new perspectives. 

3 Factors to Consider for City Living

While there are a lot of reasons to live in the city, take note of these 3 things before buying a home in the city.

1. Budget for home buying

If you want to live in a Canadian city, you’ll need to research and prepare for the housing market. For instance, in big cities like Toronto, even a humble bachelor or one-bedroom apartment can cost more than $1,000 per month. For first time home buyers, be prepared and learn your market. If you’re moving to Canada, check the housing costs and general costs of living in each of its cities.

2. Cost of living

Aside from the expenses of buying a home, you’ll also have to prepare for daily expenses. From your daily necessities to groceries, everything costs more in the city. Generally, the closer you are to the metropolis, the more costly it’s to avail basic services. Living in the city requires you to get your finances in order.

3. Space and access to nature

The farther you are from the countryside, the less likely you’d be to see animals and natural green spaces. If you choose to live in the city over the quiet nature of the suburbs, consider the amount of people, noise and congestion that you’re comfortable with. 

Welcoming to All

All of this considered, there are lots of reasons to own a home in the city. City life provides you endless activities and opportunities. There’s always people out doing something, which can be invigorating. On the other hand, some people may not find that type of atmosphere attractive, but for those who do, it makes heading out everyday exciting and joyful. 

If you’re looking to make a move, we recommend working with an experienced and knowledgeable realtor who can help you with your home search and seek guidance from a trusted mortgage broker who can help you along with your home buying journey. 

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