Pickering’s a small community located along the shore of Lake Ontario – offering a lakefront property that has earned its stripes as a popular destination, especially during the warm months. It’s relatively known as one of the unique places to settle down, imbibing a suburban lifestyle mixed with the ambiance of living in the countryside.

It’s also quite convenient to live in Pickering. Its location and close proximity to Toronto – a bird fly distance of fewer than 40 kilometers – has made it easier for people to access while enjoying a slower-paced lifestyle in a city with a strong sense of community.

So what exactly are the things to do in Pickering?

Things to See

Pickering museum village ontario

Pickering, a city in Durham Region, East of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), is known to be a wealthy and diverse community with natural beauty, vibrant downtowns, arts and sceneries. Some of the most popular places and sightseeing destinations in Pickering include historical and cultural venues.

Pickering Museum Village is one of the top-visited tourist spots in the area. It’s the largest living history museum and pioneer village in Durham Region – consisting of several heritage buildings, gardens and orchards. Visiting this place is definitely worth your time and effort, as it’ll give you a unique experience and understanding of the city’s history by reliving life in Pickering back in the 1800s. Discovering a blacksmith’s shop, schoolhouse, general store, temperance hotel are just some activities that you can enjoy. 

Another must-see place in Pickering is its very own waterfront community – The Nautical Village, located on the Southern part of Liverpool Road. Known for its outstanding natural beauty and environmental diversity, this quaint city can be your escape from the bustling city centers. You can also see here the mesmerizing Frenchman’s Bay – home of adorable yachts and sailboats.

Similarly, there’s a place in Pickering surrounded by different types of trees with plentiful wildlife, called the Petticoat Creek Conservation Area. The Waterfront Trail runs through the area – giving a calm vibe with a panoramic view of Lake Ontario – perfect for people who want to take a break and catch a moment of serenity.

Pickering also has a Wild Things Petting Farm – home to a variety of animals such as goats, sheep, cows, rabbits, guinea pigs and much more. This delightful little farm nestled within the Greenbelt allows different types of animals – from the smallest chick to the biggest cow, to roam around freely on a wide span of 5 acres of land. If you’re an animal person, you’d surely never want to miss out on this.

Things to Do

Rouge national urban park pickering, ontario

If you are wondering what to do in Pickering, you have lots of options in the city’s various attractions. It is known to be the home of parks, forests and trails – saturated with nature’s beauty that knows no season. 

First in line is to explore Pickering’s famous parks, like the Rouge National Urban Park – one of the largest parks in the urban areas of North America. It’s a great representation of the city’s assembly of cultural, natural, and agricultural landscapes, as well as its outstanding biodiversity. You can either wander around or spend some quality time with your family and friends as this park offers a variety of activities – such as camping, swimming, fishing and canoeing.

For the adventurous people at heart, hiking in Pickering will tickle your interests. Altona Forest and Seaton Hiking Trail offers the best hiking experiences, with breathtaking scenery and an overlooking view of the town’s nature. These places also provide essential habitat for a wide variety of plants and animals native to Ontario, such as songbirds, hawks and rare amphibians.

Aside from that, Pickering also has the biggest indoor marketplace with more than 500 booths of the local marketplace and antique vendors on a 22,000 square foot warehouse sale. Explore the Pickering markets and witness the cleanest and brightest open-concept marketplace in town.

The most exciting thing to do in Pickering is food-hunting! You’ll love the fact that this small town has a lot of foodie events happening throughout the year. Esplanade Park transforms into a Pickering Food Truck Festival every summer, allowing you to try different types of food and drinks in all flavors. There are also eating challenges, such as live music, mini-games, and a children’s village that’ll surely give you the utmost feeling of excitement.

Housing Market in Pickering

Pickering, among the other regions near the GTA, remains to be one of the most affordable cities to buy a home. The average housing price falls around $700,000 to $770,000 as of June 2020, which is quite affordable compared to other cities. To a more specific type of housing, a three-bedroom detached house costs an average of $750,000, while a three-bedroom townhouse is cheaper at $640,000, on average.

Among the types of housing present in the area, condominiums are the least popular. Although it’s known to be a convenient place to stay with a lower average price ranging from $450,000 to $500,000, most people still choose to settle in places with a spacious backyard and a garage of their own.

Pickering’s real estate market is booming, especially with the fact that many people are tired of living in crowded areas and crave a less-dense populated city. However, due to the limits the city has placed on the development of certain parts of the town, there’s been a decrease in the percentage of new residents. The province of Ontario also designates Pickering as one of the urban growth centers in the Durham Region, where there are more development allowance and population. 

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