The best gift that you can give your family during the holidays? A new home.

That’s right, a new home. Maybe a larger one for your growing family, a vacation home or an investment. 

But have you observed that home buying during the holidays is rarely done?

People spend their holiday bonuses on gifts for the kids or their relatives. A new car. An out of town trip with the family and many more. In addition to that, during this time of year, there are a flurry of activities to attend; Christmas parties here and there, reunions, Thanksgiving celebration, etc.

Here’s a little secret, though. There are plenty of houses on the market that are being sold lower than their original price during the holidays! 

According to data from, in the US, the month of December is recorded as the month with the highest discounted homes. If a house costs between $170,000.00 to $205,000.00, buyers can receive a discount of up to $2,500.00. 

That’s money in your pocket!

And here are seven reasons why buying a home this holiday season is a good idea:

1. Less demand

As we mentioned earlier, most people are too preoccupied with other things to do during the holidays that they would put off buying a new home until the following year. 

What they aren’t aware of is that because there is less demand for home buying during this season, many real estate agents and homeowners opt to find ways in selling their house off immediately before the year ends. You have less competition in bidding for a new home and your chances of buying within your price range (or lower) increase!

2. Agents are on the hunt

Because there is lesser demand, real estate agents are on double-time to sell the properties that they are overseeing because it’s additional income for them during the holidays. 

Homeowners who have had their home on the market since the Fall or Summer will be extra motivated during the Winter months. They’ll be more amenable in negotiating prices and more flexible when it comes to other arrangements. There can’t be a better deal than that.

3. Lower interest rates

Historically, interest rates tend to be lower during the holiday season. Why? Because banking institutions want to encourage homebuyers to buy a property. Once a new year begins, you can expect that rates will go up again and you might lose an opportunity to have more savings in the long run.

4. Emergency circumstances

As it happens, there are some things that we cannot control. One of which is relocation.

Some people unexpectedly move to another town or country before a new business cycle. This means selling their homes immediately and using the money that they receive from the sale towards building a new life somewhere else.

5. Faster transactions

We all know that the end of the year is the busiest time of year for all businesses. This is because they must close all their accounting books, dot their I’s and cross their T’s so that when the new year comes, everything is cleared and they’re ready to begin anew. 

For that reason alone, any unsettled accounts must be completed before everything is shut down come New Year and that includes houses for sale.

For agents and lenders alike, having a sale before they end their year would be the greatest gift. And, it’s also a sort of closure for them to be able to complete all their tasks for the year.

6. Major sale

What else do you love about the holidays aside from receiving presents? 

Sale! Particularly, Black Friday Sale. 

All retailers take this opportunity to give huge discounts to consumers and offload their off-season items. While shoppers are flocking toy stores or department stores, you can head to the nearest furniture or appliance establishment and look for things that you need for your new home and seize those HUGE discounts!

7. Additional investment

A property is always a good investment. It’s a great place to start your portfolio and if you have no idea where to spend your holiday bonus on, this is it. 

You’ll be surprised that come the following year, your property may even appreciate already because you were able to buy it for cheap during December.


Homebuying is a big decision—you need to be committed to it and be aware of your financial situation before diving in.

If your budget for a home or property is not high, you may want to consider buying during an off-peak season like December.

And don’t you worry, all you need to start is a trustworthy Mortgage Broker to guide and assist you through the process and help you secure that once-in-a-lifetime gift for your family.

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