It seems like the dust is yet to settle across Canada, as many families continue to move and relocate. Home buyers are scouring the housing market for great deals and smart buys. So if you’re planning on selling your house this year, you’ll need to up your game to set your house apart from the rest.

Home decorating, including paint colours are always about your personal style and preferences… until you decide it’s time to sell your house. Sellers are often advised to declutter and fix their homes before listing their properties, but choosing the right interior colours with a fresh coat of paint’s something that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

According to a recent analysis of 30,000+ photos from Zillow, sold residential properties with specific colours can either enhance or hinder a property’s selling price. Rooms with neutral colours are the ones that a potential buyer can envision themselves living in. A fresh coat of paint on your home’s interior can change the look and feel of the entire house and help to make it look clean and fresh. 

Colour can make a big impact and serve as an effective tool for attracting prospective buyers. Keep in mind that trends may change overtime, which is why it’s worthwhile to consider what colours are most favourable for potential buyers. For instance, with a modern design, experts suggest neutral shades of blue, especially in kitchens and bathrooms.

Certain colours, especially dark colours can put off potential buyers. Aside from enticing would-be home buyers, choosing buyer-friendly interior paint colours can potentially enhance your property’s value

7 Paint Colours That Buyers Will Pay More For 

      1.  A gray or blue front door(s)

We’ve always been taught not to judge a book by its cover, but it’s a different story when it comes to selling a property. Front doors make an impression on your potential home buyers and studies found that homes with doors painted navy blue or dark gray can earn a premium of $1,514.

      2. A greige exterior

A mix of gray and beige – “greige” – for exterior colours will add $1,526 to your property’s value when compared to typical white properties. As per recent surveys, it’s found that the most popular exterior colours were gray (30%) and beige (26%), as neutral colours generally equate to more dollars.

      3. A blue kitchen

Research has found that blue’s the most appetizing colour for kitchens, with preferences shifting to light blue to soft gray-blue kitchens, which earn average premiums of $1,809. 

      4. A light beige living room

Potential home buyers are attracted to light beige oatmeal and pale taupes for central living areas and can even pay a premium of $1,809 for these popular paint schemes.

      5. A calming blue bedroom

Regarded to be a calming colour, it’s no wonder many prospective home buyers prefer bedrooms painted in these cool shades. This year’s favourite blue shades are light cerulean to cadet blue. Research has found that cool blue bedrooms receive a premium of $1,856. Feel free to add neutral shades for additional bedrooms for variation in your interior decor.

      6. A blue dining room

A dash of a blue shade in your dining room can earn an average premium of $1,926. Among the popular colours in dining rooms are slate blue, paley gray blue and navy blue, as per conducted surveys.

      7. A blue or purple bathroom

Picking blue or purple hues for your bathroom can pay off an average of $5,440. Great options for making a small bathroom or laundry room more spacious and lighter.

Boost Your Property’s Value

For home buyers, it’s all about the details. We all know how it feels to want everything to be perfect, especially when it’s a big investment. After you’ve decided on your interior paint colour, you’ll need to choose the paint finish. 

You can choose between paints that are available in gloss, satin and eggshell finishes. The glossier the paint, the easier it’s to wipe and clean.

A matte finish does very well at making imperfections less noticeable, hiding dings and scuffs, as matte finished walls tend to look smooth and new. 

Using a flat white paint for ceilings will hide any flaws and reflect light, making the room brighter and giving it a bigger feel.

A satin finish is great for trim, moldings and door jambs. That shiny paint will make the room look more clean and modern, while eggshell and satin finishes tend to highlight every flaw and can potentially make walls appear to look older and more worn.

Choosing the right paint colours can be challenging, especially if your aim is to boost your property’s value. If you’re uncertain what paint colours to choose, a realtor, a home stager or an interior decorator are all great resources depending on your objectives.

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