Start the year fresh by jumping on the organizing and decluttering trend sparked by world-renowned organizer Marie Kondo. More than just tidying up, doing these makeovers and home maintenance tips could make your home healthier, reinvigorating and a place that truly brings joy. Through the simple steps of the KonMari method, you can achieve your dream home makeover right now.

What’s the Marie Kondo method?

The Marie Kondo method has become a universal technique in decluttering your home. The goal of professional organizer Marie Kondo is to be minimalistic with organizing your belongings based on category as opposed to a room-by-room approach. Her method aims at purging homes of the things that no longer spark joy and owning things mindfully. 

7 Marie Kondo-Inspired Organizing and Decluttering Tips

Do you want a home that brings joy to your family and everyone who sees it? Take note of these tips to have a Marie Kondo-inspired makeover in your home.

  1. Functional everyday closet

Clothing and related items can certainly bring joy, especially if they’re arranged properly in your closet. A huge pile of it may first appear intimidating, but you’ll make progress 1 piece at a time. Marie’s folding method’s to have the tops rolled up in drawers so you could easily find everything at a glance and you’ll get to maximize limited space. For sweaters and jeans, it’ll work if they’re folded and stacked on another shelf.

     2. More fun playroom

Gathering your kid’s toys together can make for a difficult chore. Not to mention the distress it brings to your child when they’re separated from their belongings. You can still declutter your child’s playroom without completely disposing of their toys. Pack up the toys that are rarely used in storage outside of the playroom. By this method, those toys would still be available in case your child asks for them again while providing a bigger and more open space to play.

     3. Lined up linen closet

We all know the struggle of keeping linens neatly folded in a closet – especially when everyone’s pulling one out every now and then. The Marie Kondo-approved way of arranging and decluttering your linen closet is by the use of woven baskets to make them look instantly tidier. And to make carrying your linens easier, select baskets with handles.

      4. Tidiest furnace room

Sometimes when we think of a furnace room, it often looks dark and cluttered in our minds. Start revamping this room by lightening up the place. As this room is designed for a specific heavy-duty purpose and usually doubles as storage in a basement, arrange things in a categorized way and store items away from hazardous and wet areas

      5. Better utilized utility closet

Utility closets used to be underrated until Marie Kondo introduced the closet system where you could add storage boxes or drawer dividers for each category in your closet. Installing additional partitions can help you sort and find your items easily.

     6. Organized pantry

A pantry’s shelving proves that a small space can be efficient when utilized and organized properly. Some who took inspiration from Marie Kondo have shared that before learning the latter’s organizing methods, their snacks, cereal boxes and condiments were scattered across the shelves or just around the counter. Now using some spare shelves attached at the back of the door, their kitchen pantries have become more efficient and they’re able to easily find what they need in their pantry cabinets.

      7. Maximized kitchen cabinets

Aside from closets, the kitchen’s also a wonderful space to do an all-in makeover. The key to maximizing your cooking space and making it appear bigger is by the use of vertical space. Wire shelves and under shelf racks could serve as your kitchen cupboard instead of placing the latter right on top of the counters. By maximizing the vertical spaces in your kitchen and pantry cabinets, you’d be able to see everything you need and at a quick glance. 

Ultimate Home Inspiration for Organizing and Decluttering

Does your home bring you joy? The essence of the KonMari Method is simple; first is to visualize the kind of life you want everyday so you can have a clear vision on what to attain and form a step by step plan. As soon as you grasp your vision, review what you own and what they mean to you. With each item, contemplate how they’d fit into your goals for the year to come. 

This method centers around the principle of mindfulness

Whether you’re looking to buy a new home or thinking about making some major home improvements, be sure that this decision sparks joy in you and that you stay within your budget, of course. 

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