Located within the eastern part of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) is the Durham Region, known as a suburban gem for home seekers looking for a modern, yet cozy lifestyle.

Its close proximity to Toronto, diverse neighbourhoods, lower price tags for homes and exciting amenities, make Durham Region a go-to place for millennial couples and young families alike.

Why Durham Region?

Durham Region as a community

This place is where you’d want to establish your roots and start your family. Durham’s suburban region cultivates a warm and exciting community with several amenities available and a modern lifestyle too. From residential areas to quirky commercial spaces and a thriving agricultural sector, this region is perfect for those looking for a well-balanced, tight-knit community.

Affordability of Real Estate in Durham Region

The Durham Region’s one of this year’s most livable areas in Canada in the past year and is foreseen to improve for the next three to five years, according to Remax Canada. Moreover, this region offers one of the most affordable real estate regions to home buyers in the GTA. On average, home prices averaging $613,606, with listings consisting of single-family homes – perfect for first-time home buyers! This price is 28% less than average home prices in the GTA, amounting to $852,142 or 34% less than the properties within the City of Toronto.

6 Reasons why the Durham Region is your new home

    1. There are opportunities

Durham Region has one of the most diverse economies that offer employment opportunities. In fact, Oshawa’s among the top 10 cities experiencing economic growth in the country. Oshawa also recorded the lowest unemployment rate within the past 15 years. This shows that residents are ensured to get jobs in Durham. Some of the leading sources of employment are in the healthcare sector, retail, education and manufacturing.

    2. You’ll love to get around

Access to urban and business centers are important when you’re purchasing a home. Durham Region has invested in transportation systems, which include bus routes across the region. It has major roadways and highways and a high volume of commuters, who usually travel to Toronto. The Region also boasts its GO Train system with stations in Whitby, Ajax, Oshawa and Pickering.

Indeed, moving around the Durham Region can be easy, but also enjoyable for its residents and visitors.

    3. Find the best education here

If you’re a young couple who’s starting a family or you already have kids in the family, you should definitely consider access to schools when buying a home

Responsible families want to ensure that their children get the best education. Don’t worry, because schools in Durham provide a caring and excellent environment to help students develop holistically.

Durham Region houses a wide-range of schools and educational facilities for children. You can opt to enroll your children in public, private or catholic schools.

The Durham District School Board governs the English language public school within the Region, except those within the Municipality of Clarington. Schools in Clarington are operated by the Karawatha Pine Ridge District School Board.  

    4. No shortage on amenities

Fun-loving individuals and families looking for entertainment and recreation will really enjoy living in Durham. There’s no shortage in recreation facilities, libraries, cultural centers and much more.

There’s also the Ajax Creative Arts that offers art exhibits and classes, the Pickering Recreation Complex that makes sports accessible, the Whitby Public Library that provides library services and the multi-purpose arena, which serves as the Tribute Community Center in Oshawa.

There’s also a number of downtowns you can visit! You won’t run out of restaurants and cafes to try, since each one contributes to the colourful scene of Durham.

    5. You’ll be closer to nature

If you’re into nature-tripping or if you just want to enjoy the breeze of fresh air, Durham Region’s a great place for you. There are three lakes that surround the Region, namely, Ontario, Scugog and Simcoe. Within minutes, you can enjoy water sports, parks and fishing, without travelling too far.

You can also enjoy the scenic views of farms and fields, visit the Archibald Orchard and Winery, Christel Lake Lavender Fields and the Oshawa Botanical Gardens!

    6. A warm community will welcome you

The most special gem in Durham Region is its people. Neighbourhoods are friendly and safe. When searching for the right neighbourhood in Durham, you can freely consider the needs of your children, eldery and young professionals as well. You’ll find quiet, trendy neighbourhoods and interesting places.

For varied housing types, Bluegrass Meadows in Whitby or Amberlea in Pickering are places for family-friendly neighbourhoods. On another note, if you’re looking for more affordable homes, McLaughlin in Oshawa is a must-see.

Durham Region is the home you’re looking for

A home is more than just a roof over your head or a structure that provides you and your family security. A home is also about opportunities, growth and the community. If you’re looking for a home for your growing family, Durham Region may be the place for you.

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