Imagine a Saturday morning with the crisp, refreshing breeze brushing your cheeks and passing your ears. You happen to have no commitment and be at the heart of the Durham Region. Ajax, a waterfront community, enjoying the shores of Lake Ontario

People here enjoy the best mix of nature and if you’d want to do something outdoorsy and spontaneous, you don’t have to spend all those hours on the road to do so. These are the kinds of weekends you’ll enjoy in Ajax.

Ajax is a historic town with an interesting culture. It’s where simple living meets unique experiences. As they say, there’s always something happening in Ajax!

Things to Do

This environmental gem town of Ajax is popular for its laid-back suburbs. It’s a well-known destination for relaxing trips among nature lovers. Here are some of the best things to do and sites to visit in Ajax.

Go nature-tripping

Ajax is known for its nature-loving residents and visitors. Take a stroll or go biking at the Greenwood Conservation Area. If you’re having an energy boost, you can also go hiking, fishing, or even skiing. It offers a network of hiking trails where you can see grasslands and forests. Ajax also offers the best fishing experience in the Durham region, where you can find rainbow trout and other fish species.

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 Have fun at the slopes

During winter, you can hit the slopes of the Oak Ridges Moraine, which is 20 minutes north of Ajax. It has various terrains that you can enjoy no matter what skiing experience you have. During the warmer months, you can still visit the resort to go hiking, biking and climbing.

For a greener and different kind slope experience, try golfing! Avid golfers can enjoy the four golf courses in Ajax and its neighbouring areas. It has a cozy lodge where you can sip a cup of warm chocolate or a tall, cold glass of beer. These golf courses are perfect for healthy competitions amongst friends or bonding with the family and loved ones. 

Watch the races or visit the casino

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Ajax Downs is a great place for entertainment and has a history of Quarter Horse Racing since 1969. Spend a day watching horse races or if you’re feeling lucky, join the off-track betting in the viewing area. Races take place on Sundays, from May to October. The best part is, admission is free. 

Located beside Ajax Downs is the Ajax Casino where you can test your luck with over 800 slot machines. You can also end the lucky day by satisfying your cravings at The Gateway Restaurant. 

Sites to See

As a nexus of nature, art and culture, you can’t skip on these sites in Ajax:

Ajax Waterfront

The 740-kilometer Waterfront Trail runs from Niagara-on-the-Lake east through Brockville, graces Ajax, and offers spectacular views in town. 

The trail runs through scenic parklands such as Rotary Park, Paradise Park and Ajax Waterfront Park. Aside from the relaxing view of the beach, people can also be kids at heart with junior and senior-friendly playgrounds around the area.
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Veterans Point Gardens

The coastal town of Ajax also has a powerful history. This dates back to 1941 during World War II, where it became a home for the largest defense industry in North America, the Defence Industries Limited (DIL). Workers and their families settled in the surrounding area and eventually built a community. 

You can take a glimpse of this unique history by taking a walk down the Veterans Point Gardens and honouring the people that served the war. It has memorials to the famous naval battle that contributed to the naming of the town (Ajax is one of the three ships in 1939 that engaged a German battleship) and many of the streets. 

Bonus: The Town Hall and the Village Community Centre

Ajax showcases art from their local artists. Some of the spots you can visit are the Town Hall for the abstract metal structure that you’ll surely appreciate. You can also gaze all you want at the mural at the exterior wall of the Village Community Center

There’s also a lot of artistic installations all over town! The giant “Solar Sail” at the Ajax Operations Centre will impress you, as well as the Totem Pole at Duffin’s Trail Head and the interactive sculpture at Lion’s Point. Take a walk around town and get ready to be mesmerized by the artsy local culture.

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What the Ajax Housing Market Has to Offer

This beautiful place is not only rich in its sites and activities, but also has a culturally diverse community, with over 65 spoken languages. Ajax has also committed to create safe spaces for its residents and visitors, thereby embracing total inclusion for all. 

This makes the town very homely itself! This is important when looking for a home to buy. The community in itself is a huge consideration since you’re not going to live like a hermit and stay cooped up.

Overall, Ajax makes a well-rounded community. From its humble, yet powerful historic roots and progressive outlook on development to the variety of extracurriculars it could offer. It has a picturesque scenery and its natural beauty could make you love the outdoors even more. 

It also prioritizes education, culture and arts. Depending on your family’s needs, there are a number of neighbourhoods to choose from.

It’s no wonder that many people are looking at the Durham Region, particularly at Ajax, in finding their new home, especially for first-time homebuyers. In this historic and beautiful town, it’s surprising that prices are relatively more affordable than others, even in this rising market. In fact, the affordability of houses in Ajax is a major contributing factor why the town is among the fastest growing in the Greater Toronto Area. Just by comparing the prices of single-family homes in Ajax to other towns in the GTA or towns close to Toronto, you’ll already see that prices here are still below average. 

Discover Ajax and other ideal cities and communities

Popular for scenic views where you’ll enjoy nature-tripping activities like strolling, hiking, fishing or skiing, Ajax is a great community to settle in and grow your family. Buying a home is more than a real estate investment. It’s also about building a home in a safe, diverse community. 

While we’re still facing the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic, this shouldn’t stop you from moving into this community. 

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