Marie Kondo has not only mobilized much of the population to tidy up, she has also managed to revolutionize the act of tidying. With her minimalist approach of only keeping the things that spark joy, the professional Japanese decluttering guru has inspired many people to give their homes a fresh feel.

More than the act of tidying and organizing, she advocates for the practice of being mindful with your possessions and resources as a way of life. This is essentially the reason why joy’s at the center of her tidying approach. When decluttering in this manner, one can achieve not only a refreshed home, but also improved mental health, finances and productivity

5-Step KonMari-inspired Decluttering Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet isn’t an official set of rules but rather a guide on how to sort and organize for an orderly and tidy home. 

  1. Discard by category

Discarding your belongings by category comes before anything else. The ideal sequence of categories are clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous and mementos. For instance, pull clothing from every closet or drawers and determine which ones no longer sparks joy. 

After deciding what to eliminate, there are resourceful and mindful ways of discarding them, such as repurposing, reselling or donating to those who are in need. This approach encourages people to be responsible for the environment and with their possessions while decluttering.

     2. Break categories into subcategories

As soon as everything has been categorized, it’s time to split them up into subcategories. For instance, clothing contains a wide array of subcategories including tops, bottoms, clothes that should be hanged, socks, underwear, bags, accessories and shoes. Komono or miscellaneous items on the other hand, have subcategories that include skin care and cosmetic products, stationery, medicines, tools, toys and emergency supplies among others. 

     3. Retain things that bring joy

Now it’s time for KonMari’s signature act; to keep only the things that bring joy. Once the items have been piled up, Kondo suggests seeing if they still spark joy. This means physically picking them up and feeling the emotional response you have to it. If it no longer sparks joy, discard by repurposing them, donating to charity, recycling or even reselling.

    4. Simply organize your space

The decluttering by categories is followed by the actual organizing of your home. Marie Kondo provides 2 rules in this: (1) to store all items in the same place and (2) to avoid scattering your storage space. According to the National Association of Professional Organizers, being organized can save an individual 60 minutes per day. An organized space allows room for more productivity and less stress throughout the day. 

Clutter isn’t only physical. When accumulated, it creates a vicious mental cycle that makes it harder for a person to work more efficiently and live a healthier lifestyle. 

   5. Tidy up all at once

The term is ikki ni in Japanese, meaning “all at once”. The secret to success of the KonMari decluttering is the ability and discipline to finish it all in one shot and with urgency, rather than little by little, which usually leads to unproductivity and procrastination for many. Before taking the task, set your mind and fully commit yourself to tidying up and take breaks in between as you go.

Mindful Living Starts Now

The perfect joy comes with the principle of mindfulness, not only being mindful of your resources and belongings but also of the very home itself. If you haven’t made a digital checklist mentioned above, it’s time to do so. It’ll help you transform your home into a joyful place.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or thinking about making a major home revamp, make sure that this decision sparks joy in you and with your finances

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