When it comes to the best places to retire in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), there’s no doubt that Durham Region has been drawing a lot of attention from seniors and retirees. Why? It’s because the communities in the region are mostly suburban, rural and small towns, each boasting its own amenities, affordable properties, low crime rate, access to nature and good weather. Not to mention, it’s close proximity to Downtown Toronto.

One major consideration why a lot are turning their eyes towards Durham’s neighbourhoods is the affordability of properties, which is at an average of $613,606 as per the recent study of the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board. This price is 28% less than the average prices of homes in the GTA and 34% cheaper than other locations within the City of Toronto. 

Situated in the eastern part of the GTA, Durham Region‘s home to a progressing economy, a range of amenities for seniors including health facilities, cultural diversity and natural breathing spaces. These awesome attributes are propelling Durham Region’s neighbourhoods to the top of the list when it comes to the best places to retire in.

Where to Retire in the Durham Region?

Here’s a quick walk-through of the best places in Durham to spend your golden years:

1. Whitby

Whitby welcomes everyone, whether you’re starting a family or looking for the best retirement communities. Its laid-back, yet progressive neighbourhoods have easy access to government services and the daily essentials. Not to mention that Whitby has recently been listed in the World Health Organization’s Global Network of age-friendly cities because of its conducive environment and comprehensive services for retirees.

2. Oshawa

With its neighbourhoods 60% quieter than the busy metropolis of Toronto, Oshawa boasts safe communities and a large network of green spaces. Oshawa offers the best, whether you’re a city-folk or from the country. While living in a quiet rural area, you’d still be able to remain close to your favourite city amenities and destinations. Average real estate prices in Oshawa’s countryside are only a little higher than the home prices in Central Oshawa. The real prize here though, especially for our beloved seniors, is its world-class health care system

3. Pickering

Pickering’s a perfect place for seniors as it offers numerous green spaces, lakefront backyards and community parks. This city’s a diverse community with a multitude of cultural backgrounds who’ve migrated here over the years. You may be surprised to learn that Pickering‘s among the most affordable places in the Durham Region with an approximate average of $620,000 home prices

4. Uxbridge

The town of Uxbridge offers a wide array of social services such as healthcare facilities, emergency services and sanitation services. On top of that, this town’s endowed with plenty of greenery, feel-good heritage sites and a handful of forests and walking trails where retirees can enjoy outdoor walks and relax in nature.

5. Ajax

In recent years, Ajax has been recognized as an area of newly-built homes in the Durham Region, attracting prospective home buyers who’re looking for a place to settle and retire. New homes in Ajax come in various sizes and styles, making them suitable for many home buyers. When it comes to affordability, Ajax won’t fail home buyers looking to buy on a budget. A property for a single-family home in Ajax, is approximately $638,000.

3 Things to Consider when Buying a Retirement Home 

1. Location

The most important factor to consider when searching for a retirement home’s location and its proximity to community services, especially health facilities that cater to your medical needs – ensure that the community offers adequate public health services. Moreso, a serene and peaceful location’s ideal for rest and relaxation.

2. Budget

Never overlook the cost of buying a home by ensuring that you’re financially prepared before embarking on home buying. It would be helpful if you check for places that have low real estate costs without sacrificing your needs and livability.

3. Maintenance

Homeownership’s a lifetime commitment and is associated with attending to your home’s regular maintenance. Make sure that you also prepare for this, because you won’t want any unexpected headaches in the future, just because you didn’t budget enough money to maintain, repair or renovate your home when needed.

The Best Way to Do It

After years of hard work, reward yourself by spending your golden years in the Durham Region. Deciding on your retirement lifestyle may seem overwhelming with the wide range of decisions that need to be made at a crucial time in life. Seeking guidance from a financial professional can help you with living out your retirement. 

Based just outside the Greater Toronto Area, Daisy Raouph’s a mortgage broker and financial security advisor equipped with over 30 years of experience in mortgage and financial services. Consult Daisy today and find the best places to retire in the Durham Region!