Congratulations! You have finally crossed over into the wonderful journey of home ownership or have decided to purchase additional property. This is indeed a momentous occasion for anyone – so lets pop open some bottles of champagne and celebrate! 

Making the decision is just one of the few steps that you’d have to take as a new home buyer; the next one that you’d be dealing with is finding the right home for you with the budget that you have; having a team that’ll help you through the process and so forth. Getting yourself connected with an experienced mortgage broker is a great place to start!

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Another factor that could impact your home buying is knowing the best time to buy a home. Most people don’t take this into consideration; however, it could help you in terms of obtaining the best price for a home. More so, the number of property listings available differ from time to time. So knowing when the best time is can provide you with more options and ultimately savings.

Here’s a year-round outlook for home buying in Canada. Learn which season is the best time for you to buy your next home.


The snow has just melted away and people are getting ready to ease out of their homes and enjoy a bit of warmth outside.

It’s been said that springtime is the best time to purchase a home because people who have been mulling over selling in the Winter can finally do so. This was affirmed by a survey from Zoocasa which states that 58% out of their sample size of 1,270 respondents believed that Spring is indeed an opportune time to sell and buy a property.

Home buying in the Spring

With a hoard of new homes on the market comes the buyers. There’ll be plenty of prospective properties to choose from… you can never have too many options!

In addition, you’d be able to view houses at their most “picturesque” quality since the harshness of Winter has already passed. 


Having come from the influx of the real estate market during Spring, there’ll undeniably be some properties that would be left unsold. Summer time’s weather makes it a good season to view houses, too.

Home buying in Summer

This creates a great opportunity for you because homeowners who are eager to sell right away can be easier to negotiate with. That’s not to say that their house is nothing to want – maybe one of the reasons it hasn’t sold before is because they may have been overpriced.

Since it’s also summer vacation, you can bring your family along for the ride and ask for their opinions on their potential new home; it can be a great bonding experience for all!



The Fall season poses a second chance for you to look at newly available homes. 

School is in and for homes with empty-nesters, this is their time to downsize into a smaller home and sell their old one. With that in mind, they’d be both a seller and a buyer which means they’d be more committed to selling their house. 

Home buying in the Fall

Some sellers opt to use the summertime to redesign and renovate their houses before selling so that they can put it on the market at a higher price come Fall. As a home buyer, this is a plus for you since you need not worry about redecorating since it’s been freshly renovated.

Winter being around the corner, you’d want to make a move on as soon as possible because most don’t want to lug around heavy furniture and appliances into a new home during the cold, freezing rain or snow storm!


Winter is not only the season for buying presents and decorating your home in time for the holidays; it’s the most unlikely season to buy a home, but there are plenty of people who do it. 

Home buying in Winter

‘Tis the season with the least number of competitors for a property; which only means, best savings for your pocket.

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There may be a lot of choices to choose from from a buyer’s perspective: the right house, coming up with a budget, the right time to buy, etc. However, all these decisions can be made easier when you have the right mortgage broker to assist you.

Your mortgage broker will provide options that’ll ease the stress out of your home buying journey, regardless of the weather or the season.

This is it! Make the step and the next thing you know, you’re opening the door to a new home.

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