Why Toronto?

Everyone has a place in Toronto. Whether you’re single, newly-married, starting a family or about to retire, you’ll surely find a community or a space that will perfectly fit you in this “City of Neighbourhoods.”

Being one of the largest cities in Canada with a bustling economy, it’s really not a wonder why this place is popular among Canadians and immigrants alike. Just by looking at the numbers, many immigrants and Canadians alike dream of living in Toronto. The city’s welcoming vibe is unparalleled and here are the reasons why!

Toronto has the best places to visit and grow roots 

1.   So much things to do and places to visit

Whether you’re an artsy-type, a sports junkie or a nightlife seeker, Toronto has something to offer you. The city has top-notch art spaces, humble to high-end clubs and sports centres. You can visit the Hockey Hall of Fame, Ripley’s Aquarium, Castle Loma, CN Tower and much more. 

2.   There’s a neighbourhood for every person 

What makes Toronto beautiful is its colourful variety of neighbourhoods, each boasting its own identity and charm. It’s just a matter of “where to live,” and this depends on your lifestyle and preference. For young professionals and hipsters, the West End might be the place for you. If you’re looking for a place where a family can settle and build, Midtown would be cosy. If you want a high-end, business feel, Downtown is perfect! What’s exciting, is there’s a lot more neighbourhoods to choose from! 

3.   Global business and finance centre

A lot of companies have set up in Toronto and if you’re planning to deepen your roots in business, Toronto is a great place! Once dubbed as Canada’s number 1 start-up hub. Moreover, Toronto’s financial centre has outpaced London and New York’s over the last decade.

4.   Economic opportunities are abundant

Because of its economic stability, opportunities for business and employment are abundant. Being an economic powerhouse, there’s always something brewing in Toronto that’s fit for artists, media professionals, tech savvies and start-up business owners too!

Toronto is extremely livable and beyond convenient

5.   Easy access to travel

Toronto has a robust public transportation system that boosts its geographical location’s accessibility. Its residents have a lot to choose from for their commute using subways, buses and streetcars, among others. Destinations like Washington D.C. and New York are also a short plane ride away.

6.   Better infrastructure

The city is also keeping up with the pace of its people. High-rise infrastructures pop up everywhere and the transport system just keeps on getting better.

7.   Safe and Economical

For a big city, Toronto remains to be safe with an amazingly low crime rate. It’s crime rate also visibly falls each year. With strong rates for livability and food security, Toronto has been named one of the best places to live in an index released by The Economist in 2015.

Toronto celebrates culture 

8.   Vibrant art and music scene

Not only does this city buzz with businesses; art and music also thrive in Toronto. You can enjoy this as a supporter who appreciates the local art and music scene. Or you may opt to move to the groove and join the scene itself!

9.   Welcoming locals

The fact that Canadians are known to be friendly is actually true! Locals are so used to welcoming different cultures.

10.   Lovingly diversity

Toronto lives up to its motto, “Diversity is our strength.” People have immigrated from all over, bringing their cultures with them. This is what makes the city so lovingly diverse! There’s plenty of choices, lots to explore and opportunities for everyone. 

Toronto Housing Market

Although the pandemic has shaken up the economy, it still wasn’t enough to cool down the housing market in Toronto. Thanks to the established economic hub in the city, opportunities are still relatively strong to weather out the economic impacts. 

What does this have to do with moving into Toronto? A lot! Even amid the pandemic, a 42.3 percent rise in housing sales was still observed, as compared to September 2019. Although the local real estate market was not immune, it still managed to catch up with sales, especially for low-rise housing. This could be safely attributed to high demand and record-low mortgage rates.


Toronto offers depth and heights in its sites and neighborhoods, its accessibility and amenities, and most of all, culture. These certainly make people want to live in Toronto.

These economically turbulent times caused by COVID-19 as well as hopes of living in a secured and beautiful community don’t have to be sacrificed. Although this could be intimidating and some may even say dodgy, an expert acting as a guide could help see you through the uncertainties with an executable plan. This is crucial as housing opportunities await, even in these challenging times. Take a step closer to a home and community where you can certainly belong.

Consult an expert now and discuss your financial capacities and housing goals. You’ll need a trusty financial security adviser and mortgage broker who can help mitigate risks and achieve your goals. 

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