The Greater Toronto Area’s (GTA) a mosaic of diverse neighbourhoods, most of which have their own identities and charms. If you’re living in downtown Toronto, you’ll find that this area’s historic, artsy, car-friendly for families, bustling with a variety of job opportunities and a wide array of new homes.

The GTA’s a densely populated metropolitan area in Ontario, Canada that comprises 25 municipalities and 140 recognizable neighbourhoods. Being highly diverse and developed, you can find a home and neighbourhood that’ll match your desired lifestyle.

Durham Region

Located in Southern Ontario, the Durham region’s a combination of rural and urban landscapes. This makes it a perfect place for peaceful, rural and suburban living. 

1. Port Perry 

Port Perry’s widely-known for its summer tourist spots and its charming neighbourhoods. Its real estate is filled with major developments, including restored historical sites and buildings, which add an old-time feel to its character. Many farmlands surround this famous town with fairly large plots of land giving a quiet, country vibe. 

2. Brooklin 

Brooklin’s a stylish village in the town of Whitby, that primarily consisted of farmlands and open grounds. In recent decades, developers have taken advantage of its strategic location and have integrated its neighbourhoods with economic and business centers. Brooklin’s close proximity to Toronto has made it one of the top areas in the GTA. 

Peel Region

Peel Region’s an area to keep your eye on because of its easy access to downtown Toronto, as well as its greenery and trails.

3. Brampton

For art enthusiasts, Brampton will have your attention. Known as one of the most multicultural towns in the Greater Toronto Area, Brampton showcases heritage sites including Brampton City Hall, Garden Square, Gage Park, The Rose Performing Arts Centre and the Peel Art Gallery Museum and Archives. Its cultural diversity is celebrated and showcased annually through food, entertainment and education. 

4. Caledon

Caledon’s spectacular topography stemmed from two powerful features: the Niagara Escarpment and the Oak Ridges Moraine. These intersect the Caledon Hills, thereby forming an exceptional landscape in the GTA. A predominantly rural area with an unspoiled countryside, Caledon offers plenty of yard space with very generously sized lots, which is great for families with young children and pets. 

Halton Region

Formerly known as Halton County, this region has an efficient railway system that connects commuters across the GTA.

5. Milton

Milton’s considered as the “fastest growing city in Canada.” It’s a scenic town lying at the base of the grand Niagara Escarpment, blessed with abundant lands, stud farms, magnificent golf courses and an attractive downtown area.

6. Burlington

Burlington offers almost all of the amenities you’d expect from a large city – a lively waterfront with a pier, promenade, parks and a bustling shopping district. It’s also the home of the famous Burlington Performing Arts Centre and the Art Gallery of Burlington. This City’s south-end’s strategically situated along Lake Ontario, overlooking the Burlington Bay. Marvelously, the majestic Niagara Escarpment serves as a backdrop for most of the rural north.

York Region

York cities and towns make up half of the list when looking for great places to live in the GTA.

7. King Township

King’s endowed with public green spaces, making each corner a breathable space. In 2018, it ranked second among York’s best towns to settle in. A predominantly rural town, King’s also famous for its rolling hills, valleys, world-class cattle and horse farms.

8. Vaughan

Vaughan’s a modern city that caters to the needs of its residents. It offers growing markets, structural and health services, a business-friendly government and a balanced and reasonable cost of living. For artsy homebuyers, this city’s for you. Vaughan features community gardens, organic pastries and cafes as well as indie film production studios. It’s a huge neighbourhood with small communities – each showcasing its own style, virtues and values. You’ll be amazed with its diverse cultural arts, entertainment and other recreational activities.

City of Toronto

With its safety, Toronto’s a great fit for people who love big cities. It’s famous for its diverse neighbourhoods, choice of foods, arts, festivals and entertainment. 

9. Riverdale

One of the biggest neighbourhoods in Toronto, Riverdale’s distinctly different but close to the amenities of downtown. It’s perfect for people who prefer detached homes over high rises. 

10. Bloor West Village

Bloor West Village’s a popular family-oriented neighbourhood, endowed with excellent schools. This is where you can find High Park, Toronto’s biggest and most well-known park. With over 400 shops and restaurants to choose from, local residents can each have their individual fix.

Set Foot and Build Your Roots in GTA

The Greater Toronto Area offers many great opportunities for home buyers, with each place being just as special as the next. There are some places which have relatively costly houses when compared to others, but regardless of the location you choose, it’s certain there’s a GTA lifestyle for your tastes.

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